Tecolote Auxiliary and the La Madera Fire Station

Community Info

  • CALL 911 IN AN EMERGENCY  — Be Sure to say Sandoval County
  • CPR Classes are available to residents.
  • Pre-incident Home Review provided by the Fire Department is strongly recommended to all homeowners for the maintenance of a defensible space.
  • Exchange of telephone numbers among neighbors for quick reference is critical.
  • If outdoor burning is allowed in your area, call Sandoval County Fire Control at 867-4581 for a permit.


The Tecolote Auxiliary and the La Madera Volunteer Fire Station Emergency Medical
Technicians URGE everyone living in the La Madera Fire Response Area to prepare File of Life.
Suggested Information to Include in Your File of Life
• Address: Street, City, State, Zip Code
• Telephone numbers: Land Line, Cell
• Names of Residences
• Date of Birth for each Resident
• Emergency contact information: Name, Phone number and relationship
• Health Insurance: Name and Number
• Medicare Number
• Identifying Marks, Eye Color
• Medication for each Resident and reason for medication (medication name — purpose)
• Do you wear glasses, hearing aids, dentures
• Do you have a pace maker?
• Allergies
• Blood Type
• Brief Medical History including any current medical problems
• Do you have a living will?
• Primary Care Physician’s Name and Contact Information
• Additional Physicians’ Names and Contact Information
• Preferred Hospital
• Always include area code with all phone numbers.
• Other health information, which will be a vital help to the EMT’s in case of emergency.
EMT’s responding to a medical emergency will check your refrigerator to find this information.

Do not forget to update your medical information as needed


In case you have pets in your household, you may also list their names and descriptions. This
may be helpful in case of emergency, as pets are often alarmed by strangers, and the uncertainty
of emergencies in their homes.


Do not forget to check the batteries on your smoke detectors every six months. Smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years for your safety. Mark your
calendar to do this when you change your clock with Day Light Savings in Spring and Fall.