Tecolote Auxiliary and the La Madera Fire Station

Mighty Mary

When Sandoval County established the La Madera Volunteer Fire Department, station number 16, Mary knew the station would only receive limited funding from the county. She single handedly organized a group of friends and created the Tecolote Auxiliary. Through her vision, dedication and effort, the Tecolote Auxiliary has become the extremely active support group it is today.

Realizing there had to be funds available to purchase much needed equipment and supplies for the firefighters, Mary organized the Auxiliary’s annual fund raising campaigns. This has made it possible to purchase the medical rescue and firefighting equipment needed for the station.

Mary organized the first Fire Awareness Day at LMVFS in May of 2004, bringing the community together to meet the fire fighters, enjoy a visit from the Rescue Helicopter, and view the fire safety equipment.

Mary was one of those wonderful people who gave tirelessly of herself to make our community a wonderful place to live.